Focusing on experience, we give you access to macro and industry trends through our Trend & Inspiration Reports. We help you anticipate the world of tomorrow in order to develop bold brand strategies and stay one step ahead of your competitors. By addressing consumer lifestyle, brand engagement and more, our Reports give you the relevant tools that will help you identify industry developments with substantial business impact. 


– Digital Retail 2020 –

How to optimize both online and offline customer experience? In this report, Vitamin carefully selects and decodes the most disruptive retail concepts, tech innovations and shopping experiences, both inside and outside the store, in order to help you better meet the major challenges of retail transformation.

We answer these questions : How to make the shopping experience seamless with the latest digital solutions? What are the new levers of loyalty? What is an effective omnichannel strategy? How to make the « phygital » store attractive to younger generations? Vitamin presents the most emerging digital trends that have marked the past 12 months.

  • PDF (French version) : 850 € H.T.
  • In-house presentation : 1150 € H.T.

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– The Z Experience –

Life experience, brand experience, identity experience … Generation Z lives and feels. With means of expression and action multiplied thanks to digital, these young people exert influence over society, their work, their identity, their image and their consumption. At a time of sharing economy, free-culture and entrepreneurship, these new teenagers in search of freedom are increasingly attentive and responsive to what gives them utility and well-being.

How to attract and retain these young consumers? What language and which channels to use to communicate better with them? This exploratory Report aims to help you innovate by taking into consideration the culture of belonging of these young consumers who put experience at the center of their existence.

  • PDF (French version) : 850 € H.T.
  • In-house presentation : 1150 € H.T.

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– The New Retail Experience –

Facing the spectacular rise of e-commerce and changing consumer behavior, the retail industry needs to create extra value with a focus on shopper experience. New disruptive retail concepts are turning to experience centers, bringing their customers greater convenience, better value, surprise, meaning, authenticity, human connection and more…

What are the most innovative retail concepts ? How does digital draw the contours of a fluid, seamless shopping experience ? How to attract and build loyalty with today’s versatile consumers ? This inspirational Report aims to guide your company’s innovation strategy to build more compelling experiences.

  • PDF (French version) : 450 € H.T.
  • In-house presentation : 950 € H.T.



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